25 October 2009


I know it's been a year and a day since I have last written anything, and this is going to be brief because I have *lots* of schoolwork to do.

For anyone who questions the value and relevance of a degree in English literature--especially with a specialty in medieval and early modern studies--in our *modern* society, just take a look at two front page headlines on nytimes.com: Maureen Dowd's op-ed "The Nun's Story" (ahem, Chaucer) and "Historians Reassess Battle of Agincourt" (hello Shakespeare!).

What we do in our special little club is make sure these references aren't lost on anyone and teach future journalists, politicians, lawyers, even scientists, that literature is not all flight and fancy but ingrained in our blood as humans. It is the humanities after all. And who can argue with studying what it means to be human?

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