30 June 2010

How far to your lunch?

Today for lunch I made salads. Not just any salad though. Everything but the avocado and salad dressing (Annie's Naturals of course) came from within 50 miles of our house.

Spinach and green lettuce courtesy of Porter Farms CSA program, Elba, NY ... 40 miles
Cage-free organic eggs from Wegmans ... somewhere around here
Cherry, grape, and glacier tomatoes, Fortistar, N. Tonawanda, NY ... 10 miles
Arugula, random lettuce, basil, oregano, Gutmann house, Buffalo, NY ... 0 miles

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  1. i applaud your use of local fare. the salad looks delicious. the blackberry sauce mixed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar would step it up a notch.

  2. I want this salad...now!

    And you grow your own arugula?! I love arugula so much. You should try a arugula& kidney beans salad with pumpkin seed oil & apple cider vinegar. Delicious! (The same also works for baby spinach instead of arugula).

  3. My arugula plant has about six leaves on it. Not very happy. I think it got too big!

  4. Just wanted to let you know that this post inspired me, and I made a delicious dinner salad very similar to yours tonight.

    Also, if your arugula plant ever recovers and you have too much of it.... You know what I'm trying to suggest. ;)