12 September 2010

Niagara Falls

This weekend involved a trip to the Great White North, otherwise known as Canada. At the border, the Canadian immigration official asked us what we were doing in Niagara Falls. What does everyone do in Niagara Falls? TOURISM. Anyone who gives another answer clearly is up to something. We were then stopped by a lady with a clipboard who was collecting data for some statistical purpose. She also asked us what we were doing in Canada. TOURISM. If we had been coming over to partake in illegal activities, why would we tell them? Seriously.

So our tourist activities involved the Maid of the Mist tour, which takes you and forty other blue-poncho clad tourons pretty damn close to the Canadian Horseshoe Falls. No one really cares about the American Falls. Eddie and Turner got soaked because they did not put the hood up on their poncho. I, however, remained perfectly dry despite some soggy Birkenstocks.

We also engaged in other tourism-related activities like people-watching, beer-drinking, and nacho-eating. When we crossed back to the United States, the border guard wanted to know what we were doing in Canada.


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