20 August 2009

Poaching 101

Poaching is one of those techniques I had never tried before, until last night. I came across a recipe for Poached Salmon with Corn and White Wine Butter Sauce in Food and Wine the other day and it looked light and refreshing, good for the depressingly humid weather that has descended on Buffalo.

The fish was tender and tasty. (My apologies for the lack of photos; I am without camera for the time being.) And the corn and zucchini complimented the fish well with their sweetness. Both are in season now so it's a great recipe to use up those zucchinis from the garden that evade your eyes until they are gargantuan since they will be shredded before cooking.

My one complaint is that the recipe calls for too much white wine leaving little left in the bottle for stoveside tippling.

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  1. No camera and tippling without me? I'll be there soon!