09 August 2009


The name of this blog, PHeeD, embodies perhaps the two things that will occupy most of my life for the next five years: graduate school (Ph.D) and food ("pheed" pronounced as the verb "feed").

I have been away from blogging for about 6 months and have finally rejoined the fold. Having left China and all its wonders behind, my husband and I are embarking a new stage of life. Soon I will begin my studies as a PhD student in English literature; soon we will move into our new house in Buffalo, NY; soon I will be settled again. The best part is that I will have my complete library and kitchen again, after two years or more of life as a literary and culinary ascetic. In China, there are few books and even fewer ovens.

This blog will continue more frequently come September when I am finally settled with a stable Internet connection. For now, I still follow the path of the wanderer, heading to Vermont in one week then back to Buffalo, staying as a guest with friends for a few weeks before closing on the house September 18th. (Keep your fingers crossed that all goes well!)

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