21 July 2010

Blueberry Moon

We spent two days on Crane Lake in northern Minnesota, just south of the Canada and bordering the Voyageurs National Park, the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, and Quetico Provincial Park. My aunt and uncle took us by boat to Sandpoint and Namakan Lakes to explore islands and beaches. One of our stops was Burnt Island, and it was covered in blueberry bushes. They dropped from the branches like grapes. We picked 5 quarts of wild blueberries in a couple hours.

The sky and water at this time of the day were an ominous shade of grey, the grey of the rocks that jutted out into the turbulent water.

At other times during the trip, the weather was pristine and then a dark storm cloud would roll in and change our lunchtime plans.

Bella had a marvelous time, chasing after the ball, flying through the air off the dock. Hannah, her cousin, couldn't keep up with our lab's enthusiasm and energy.

She positively launches through the air, probably twenty feet or more at times, to retrieve the ball or stick.

Although we did not catch any fish from the boat, Turner casted a line off the dock at the cabin and caught some small-mouth bass and walleye.

The evening fell bringing wandering loons, dark clouds, and a purple sunset.

Photos by Turner and Sara from the Jarvinen cabin on Crane Lake.

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