03 July 2010

Kebabs on the Third

My husband's family raises Cheviot sheep in Lake Placid, New York. We were given a leg of lamb last fall after the slaughter and it has been waiting in the freezer until the right moment. With our college friends in town this weekend, we decided to celebrate the great American holiday with a decisively Mediterranean feast. Granted, I used a Martha Stewart recipe for the marinade and feta sauce, and we did have local sweet corn and zucchini, so America made a grand ole appearance.

The marinade has lemon juice and zest, plus olive oil, minced garlic, and fresh oregano. The feta sauce was simply Greek yogurt and feta cheese, with some lemon juice and olive oil. The lamb was kebabed with local spring onions and a wedge of lemon and then grilled on over charcoal. Stuffed in a pita with the sauce and ... yum. It was delicious.

For dessert, vanilla ice cream with homemade wild blackberry sauce.

Happy Third of July!
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