02 July 2010

A Cuppa

My morning goes something like this. Wake up around 7am; roll over remembering that I only have two months wherein I can roll over and not have to get up. Get out of bed around 8am. Go downstairs and let the dog out to do her thing. Let dog in and feed dog. Put dishes away while Turner gets up and starts making coffee. Let me rephrase that. He makes soy lattes every morning. A big steaming cup with frothy foam and a delicious, encompassing tastiness. (Note: We buy our espresso beans from Spot coffee, locally roasted and the best around despite the fact that every week they get stingier and stingier with the "pound" of beans.)

Every morning Turner tries to make "foam art." Usually, it's a squiggle or some dots, but today I got a three-eyed smiley face. Now that's a good morning.

On a side note, our dog is the local lookie-loo of the neighborhood. She does not bark, thankfully, but loves to just watch. If she weren't so cute and she weren't a female, she would be a peeping tom. Well, now that our internet router is in the window, she uses it as a head rest. I'll have to ask Turner if it improves our 3G.

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  1. Looks like a yummy latte!

    PS--You have your own router now? :)

  2. just wait until bella comes to duluth. there she will learn the fine art of barking at nothing. great looking cuppa