06 July 2010

Cleaning Out the Fridge

Today was get-everything-done day. We are leaving tomorrow morning for our road trip west to Minnesota, via Stratford, Ontario and northern Michigan. I had some vegetables left over from our weekly CSA haul: beets, summer squash, and lettuce. The fridge also needed cleaning out before we left.

We also took it upon ourselves to spend time sweating profusely in the berry bushes near our house in order to make more jam. Eleven cups of berries and 5 1/2 cups of sugar later and I have four pints of blackberry lime jam.

The cleaning-the-fridge dinner consisted of a salad of local ingrediants, including the boiled beets from above, and Israeli couscous with garlic, onion, summer squash, and feta.

To drink, Rogue Shakespeare Stout, a fitting send-off for our trip to the Stratford Shakespeare Festival tomorrow. We are seeing The Tempest with Christopher Plummer and As You Like It. A trip to Canada also means no cell coverage and chancy wireless, so the blog posts may be postponed until the road tripping is complete.

Stay cool!

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